Hidden Passages

The tree crashed down with a resounding tremor,
Ancient stone building now lay waste as rubble,
Unseen for an eternity, the room lay exposed,
The laundry lay hanging, all seen, all known.
Through a door way now open, leads the tunnels through darkness,
Endlessly twisting,
Many dead ends to discover,
Which way to go endlessly left, or just random,
How to light up the darkness, that seems to hamper.
Be your own light, fill yourself with endless love,
Brighten your tunnels with no resistance, just love,
Follow the path of the passage that ignites your passion,
Trust your inner knowing, believe your intuition.
So begins the journey into the depths of the soul,
Unearthing the belief that you are more than you know,
Many trials may await, doubts and great fear,
But you are the hero, have faith, believe. IMG20180201230507.jpg

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Twisted and sore,
No pain, go away,
Shields of endeavours,
Help pace the way.

Golden light shining,
Creating distant shadows,
Merging to singularity,
Growing to infinity.

On the horizon,
Sheltered in the nether,
Possibility canters,
Frolics in all weather.

Where to now?
Questions ring out through the distance,
Brilliantly clever,
Unendingly twisting. IMG20171209053414.jpg

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Peace Links

Does Peace exist in this world,
With trauma and crucifying wars,
With the destruction and pending doom,
Is it worthy to believe there is room?

Untitled and revealing, put on display,
Peace is much talked about, with nothing to say,
Is it the end point or the beginning? where does it sit?
In the vastness of experience of decay, the opposite.

Peace links us in, perhaps in our hearts,
The connections of silence, which bridges our past.
The knowing that we are worth, we are justice, we are bright,
The being of ourselves, the shinning white light.

Glimpses each day, build the data of the truth,
Living with love creates the pudding of proof.
Peace guides within, its radius expanding,
Bringing us home to our very beginning.IMG20171208060246.jpg

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Peaceful Wisdom

I come to you, humble,
The greater good
Who decides?

Self aware tainted by pride,
Watchful of critics
Who spits in my eye?

Delight in praise,
But wary of reason,
Looking. Waiting.

Peace raises up,
Breathing begins,
Meditation by living.

Knowing is not wise,
Ignorance is blind,
Trust your guide.

Intuition, reason-less,
Still truth,
Brain connect heart and spirit.

Peaceful wisdom
Life fufilled
Enjoy the Beauty.IMG20171209080527.jpg

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He looked into my minds eye
He said why do you project?
I am neither Man nor woman,
The power I reject.

Free choice with consequence
Connects the webs of energy
Conspiring with the universe
To project this entity.

Open not your heart,
Your eyes, ears, mind
Open your whole being
To this living that is divine.

Trust the magnitude of power
In each choice you make each day
Your judgement of small or big
Only limits where you stay.

God is undefined
An action brought of Faith
It catapults our lives into bigger waves
That bring about our fate.

Thank you God for being
All things connected as one
Guide by the choices we make
Creating this world….it’s done.

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Forged Path

The Path is forged ahead of me.
It is mine alone to follow.
I know not where it is heading to,
Over hills and through the hallows.

There is confusion in my head
As to what I am meant to be doing,
Is it a new path that I am creating,
No the path has already been forged.

it is not a long and arduous trip,
The falls and challenges are few,
The bounty that lies within the wake
Are mad especially for you.

Rise and trust that all you do,
Hold the power that you need to thrive.
It is in living the unique gift of you,
That opens up peace to thrive.

Surrender now to not doing much,
elevate your thoughts to being.
The paths of old are no longer to be tread,
Rise up and connect with whats ahead.

Dream of the dazzling light of you life,
Created from moments so rich,
Filled with the synchronicity of love,
Bearing the dynamic energy of gifts above.

Here not the cries of those who suffer,
Focus on the delights of those who rejoice in giving to others,
Your life is a gift worth giving again and again,
Strengthen your resolve and take action, begin.

Your value is not in the job that you do,
It is not wrapped in your physical body or your words,
It exists in the energy that radiates from eithin
It is your life force your breath your in.IMG20180112143115.jpg

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Castle on the Hill

Sitting alone,
Isolating wind,
Sun streaming down,
Shards of dew glistening.

Screeching through the air,
Talons at the ready,
Hunkered in a hole,
Metal steel holding steady.

Floating upon the strings,
Gently buzzing without regret,
Shadows ever haunting,
Moist scents ever threat.

Stay or to go,
Questions ever spinning,
Answers tantalising close,
Defending or Attacking.

Presently Peaceful,
Time un-moving,
Unwinding slowly,
Ever Earthing.

Defending unrelenting,
Shielding at the ready,
Attacking unrelenting,
Swords at the ready.

Pastures of delight,
Beauty, growth no ill will,
Stay or to go,
To the Castle on the Hill.

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A Prayer of Thanks

Thank-you for gently unfurling this life-plan that has allowed me to experience the joys of amazing relationships. Family and friends who care and support each experience in my life. Thank-you for the challenging times where I have had to look deep within and there discover the strength to move through and grow into the truth of me. Thank-you for showing me that there is still much growing to do, and empowering me to create the space I need to do this. Thank-you for the beauty that is intrinsically woven into this world for all to see, and experience, it is so magical. Thank-you for this finite experience, that encourages me to make the most of each moment and really focus on what is important to me. Thank-you for surrounding me with people who Love me, my physical, spiritual, mental and emotional selves interlaced, not only do they accept me, they value each contribution I make. Thank-you for bringing me to this point in my life and for each and every other moment that is to come. Thank-you.

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Space of Doubt

Space of Doubt
Unfolds paradoxically
Space of Opportunity
Crowns the time

Uniting the facets
Shifting connections
Ripples on the page
Ominously revolving

Proud, surprised
Gently illuminating
Swelling, exploding
Unveiling meaning

Love feds the doubt
Expanding possibilities
Igniting passions
Inflaming purpose

Mountains unfathomable
Future unimaginable
Moments swept by time
Delight spun on a dime


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Simply Being

Working on herself, Day after Day,
Trying to confront the imperfections that lead her astray,
She resolves to improve the Peace from within,
Yoga, Pilates, Mindfulness, Psychology, breathing out then in.

Trauma is the spark that continues to inflame,
Pushing her forward, although she feels somewhat insane,
Reaching out for hands that support her, yet fail,
She steps forward anyway, this she wants to nail.

A life that is manageable, and filled with moments of Joy,
Where the eggshells have vanished and fear is not a ploy,
When the storm hits, she knows that she stands strong,
Within there is true Peace that permeates the throng.

The message of just Be, Simply Being is enough,
But she has found nothing Simple about it, it is rough,
The forces that swamp her and ruffle her mind set,
The emotional ride that threatens to unhinge her, yet.

Being is the one thing she can never avoid,
Her existence denotes that she is not a part of a void,
Her Being is filled with vibrancy, beauty and delight,
To witness the tower of energy, pure light.

Releasing the fear of needing to somehow Simply Be,
Releases the need to do anymore than what is real,
Finding her passion, her delight, her brightness,
Is all that she needs to arrive within her Being-ness.IMG20171015092211[1].jpg

No superhuman required, super powers left at the door,
Vulnerability, emotions, are the passes that open her core,
Spiritually she can fly to the heavens above,
Bringing them home to the Earth with her Love.

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