Tiredness sweeps over me,
The hour of rest has come,
My energy spirals throughout each day,
Draining my resources to none,
I pray for guidance and wisdom to appear,
To remedy this life unbalanced,
But I continue to wind up through the stratosphere,
With no hope of touching ground.
Lost in the days till the end of term,
Wondering if I can get it done,
Questioning the worth of my impact,
Knowing Yi have had fun,
The souls with which I have connected,
Have grow tall and strong,
Their fierce determined resolution,
To be themselves and embrace all they become.
So I will rest gently knowing I have done all that I can do,
There will be many more that continue their path,
I am but one passing through.
Good bye and good luck, know we will meet again,
When the timing supports us again, let all the connection 4th ions that bring us such joy
Reunite with the most brilliance

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A moment of me

Wind blowing,
Sand squeaking,
Waves spluttering,
Ridden by the wind,
Sun golden,
Rays stretching,
Birds gliding,
Ridden by the wind.
Creeping deeper,
Icy shocks,
Jumping peaks,
Walking troughs,
Water sparkling,
Seaweed spiralling,
Jumping peaks,
Walking troughs.
Courage building,
Moment arriving,
Plunging under,
Rising up,
Smile grinning,
Joy erupting,
Senses wakening,
Rising up.
Floating gently,
Diving deeply,
Gripping sand,
Holding tight,
Popping through,
Lifting up,
Diving deeply,
Gripping sand.
Being here,
Being her,
Being free,
Being aware
Moment of joy,
Moment of being
Moment of freedom
Moment of me.

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Long day

It’s been a long day,
The night grows weary,
Sounds still arise from the Valley,
Of the eternally busy.
Crawling into bed,
On a mattress solid and firm,
Nestled in the fluffy blanket,
Warm and secure.
The day is done,
There is no more,
I now get to rest,
My body mind and heart can restore.
Whilst the night moves overhead,
My wisdom aligns,
Unearthing the mysteries,
That can never be mine.
Closing my eyes,
Breathing in, breathing out,
Revisiting my energy,
Gathering it about.
Blessings to all,
That are awaiting a deep rest,
May it come quickly and gently,
May you ride the dreams quest.
Upon awakening,
May your life be renewed,
Vibrant and full of color,
Enjoy your spectacular view.

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Gathearing the evidence,
Storing it away,
She was out to prove she’d been hurt,
Wronged in the ugliest way.
The evidence kept on swirling,
Building into a titanic raw,
No wisdom or intelligence could dismantle,
This was outright vegence… War.
Without a court to present to,
Without witness or judge,
There was no jury to say a verdict,
She was left with only the crumbs.
Destined to destroy all that was good,
She still held on to the truth,
The evidence would shine the light upon it all,
She would be vindicated, there was proof.
Instead she plummeted downward,
All hip and dreams melting,
Weighed down with the evidence,
Bottled inwards with silent screams.
Let go of all that was is the cry,
Release the need to hold on,
What once existed need not live on,
Your life is worth so much more, please fly.
Release the need for rightness,
To the enormity of this universe,
Unhinge yourself from the past,
Create space for the future to come.
There is no hope of we look backwards,
For we know what has already been,
Let’s step into the present moment,
Creating a future of possibility.

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When I am being true to myself,
I collect the energy that I have left about,
Taking it back from the past where I’ve been,
Blessing all experiences and then let them be.

When I am open, I am willing to receive,
The gifts of beauty and delight, all I perceive.
My heart grows with the abundance, I am in pure bliss,
I am worthy I am Joyous, For I exist.

When I breathe deeply into my inner womb,
I unlock the feminine wisdom, I begin to move,
Knowing the strength of emotion I have,
I hold true to my being, my truth, my love.

When I smile inwardly to the whole of me,
I lift into the light and feel wondrously free,
I dance with the joy on knowing the truth,
This life is worth living with the grandest of hope.

When I am quiet I listen to the gentleness,
Of the past, present and future, that echo so faintly,
Bring gifts to the body of creating new ways,
Letting go of what has changed for this day.

When I connect to the matrix of vibration,
I feel the tendrils of energy throughout the universe,
Glowing and lighting up the potentiality of growing,
Space and time expanding for needs and being.

When I ground in to the heart of Mother Earth,
Her vibrating heart shifts the doubts and the hurt,
I rise renewed and bolder than I was before,
I am learning the ancient code of wisdom and soul.


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Trigger response

Sound escapes my lips,
Words form from each note,
Unjumbling thoughts,
That circle through my mind,
Constantly unravelling,
Disseminating facts,
Trapped within the memories,
Layered with percept,
Silence then follows,
The vacuum ever expanding,
I look to see you there,
Silent yet still moving,
Have you not heard,
The sounds escaping my lips,
Are you upset and disillusioned,
Hating my every breath.
The silence is the trigger,
The tail begins to spin,
Creating stories of my failure,
There is nothing left to win,
So I sink into rigidity,
Defensive walls are built,
Sarcasm the tool I use,
Deflecting blame,
Hiding truth,
My vunerability is exposed,
My lack of self value,
My negative self talk,
Yearning for constant affirmation,
Instead I walk alone,
Trapped in this head,
That twists the truth absurdly,
Creating a space to replay the doubt,
Taking away the power to step forward.
For only by early looking at the pattern,
Can growth through it be attained,
This is and was never your problem,
I am the only one responsible,
Taking the reins of this trigger response,
I can heal and move past it’s limitations,
You have you 3rd own triggers to work on,
If you want, or not, I am no judge.

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River dreaming

The river green
Running stream
Rippling by
With but a sigh
Diamond ripples
Casting no shadows
Hushed Leaf voices
Above breathless wind
Rainbow clouds
Overhead dashing
Chasing not a thought
Blessing a ray
Waving in delight
Maybe fingered fliwers
Darting about
Wrens twitter in delight
Snoring and grunting
Koala leaps to a new place
Feeding on the green
Eucalyptus respite
Slithering with curiosity
The brown one lays
Sunning itself
Crystal eyes ever awake
The river continues on
From near to far
Journeying through bends
Carrying boats to the ends
Green peaceful wandering
Beckoning in
Swim with ne
Swim in ne
Come be refreshed

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Life Joy

Arm in a sling,
Body aching from the fall,
Leaning on others,
Trusting their worth,
Smiling to yourself,
Smitten with delight,
Your needs being met,
Gratitude overflows.
When not following the path,
That leads to the light,
Redirection can only occur,
Suffering a possible plight,
Though pain may ensue,
Suffering is not a given right,
The inner light begins to surface,
As your strength aligns within.
Then people of great radiance,
Step up into your life,
Owning their own responsibility,
Reflecting power filled insights,
That only lift you higher,
Beyond anything you can measure,
And lead you to a higher plane,
Of gratitude, love and forgiveness.
Rest assured you are love,
The radiance hidden just beneath,
Keep working on coming home,
To the truth of all you be,
For the true depth of this life,
Is being with all your heart,
The exterior world cannot void,
The interior world that is ours.

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We are beings,
Of light energy,
Molecular matrices,
Connections with others of,
Similar configuration,
With everything else,
Similar or opposite,
This being moves slowly,
Through the matrix of living,
Constantly connected,
Never apart,
Through time,
Through space,
Ever extending,
Never alone,
Always home,
Quite literally to,
All that exists,
Much later,
Endlessly cycling,
Greeting the pavement,
Life slows down,
Slow motion of
Closing distances,
Direct contact,
Never apart,
Ready to start,
All Being of
I am you,
You are me,
I am nature,
I am the universe,
I am everything,
We are.

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Within lies beauty,
Within lies the love,
Within lies the uncertainty,
Within the work starts.

Within lies the intelligence,
Within lies the wisdom,
Within lies the courage,
Within the work starts,

Within lies the weaver,
Within she accesses threads,
With loom in hand she starts,
Within life’s creation,

Within her energy grows,
Within lies her compassion,
Within forgiveness bestowed,
Within eternally grateful.

Within she opens her heart,
Within she blesses all.
Within she trusts the universe,
Within she follows her call.

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