Rain heralding Angels

The rains come diwn
Blessing the Earth
Offering hope
To those destutute
Settling the air
Risen in discontent
Appreciating all that is
Without recompense
Angels on high
Sing with Joy
The time for rejuvenation
Has finally arrived
Washing away
That which is no longer of worth
All that is left
Love, Joy, and pure mirth
Their songs ring out
Reminding all of their own wings
That exist in the inner realm
Waiting for us to begin
Lifting us up
Into our own power of creation
Sending forth into the day
God’s own inner source
Gratitude for the thrumming
Of rain on the roof
For the grass
For the washing away
Lies, fears, doubts,
Revealing the truth
Peace in every breath
As we begin yet again
Dancing merrily along
Sparkling rain drops
We ascend.

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Psychologist room

Sitting here waiting,
Knowing the hour could just stretch out,
Misery and dissatisfaction could be my friend,
Depression and anxiety could descend,
Instead my music plays,
Upbeat and happy,
First through my phone for all,
Head phones not yet connected.
Brain lit up with joy,
Meditation my armour each morning,
Before rising from sleep,
Energy dancing,
Planning for an exciting future,
Filled with delight,
Supporting those I love,
Without living their experiences, Means I get to be happy,
Happy in being me,
Empathy still thrives,
Compassions tendrils extends,
I am making me life,
Creating the beauty I need,
They will follow,
Do the same,
Creating the world they need to thrive.
Greatest of gratitude,
To every experience,
Every thought,
Every emotion,
That has brought me to this place
I am in,
Right here,
Right now,
Breathing in the joy,
Sitting in the waiting room,
Of the psychologists office.1541370209820-1349733913

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The light in silence

Emptiness rides the wave of business,
Waiting impatiently for the time of silence,
The space in which to bundle drop,
Freeing shoulders of the worry weight.
Shuffling forward,
Avoiding the empty feeling,
Busying self with yet another job,
Phone in hand,
“I’ll be okay” if I just stay busy for another day,
Endlessly it loops,
Reversing the gears,
Ever deepening wrinkles,
Adding to the years,
Who is there, to love this game,
Who smiles and laughs,
Whilst being a freak,
Out of place and unsorted,
Circles enlarging
Spiralling down,
The void opens its arms,
Silencing the alarm.
Your time is but golden,
It shines brightly for you,
Piercing all of your fears,
Unlocking mysteries.
It is just a wave,
That is ridden and moves,
Changing the tides,
Getting you to renew.
Step into the darkness,
fear not to be alone,
For your light burns so boldly
It attract more of the light,
Together you are destined,
To transverse this thing called life,
Empowering the vibrancy,
Igniting this light.
Hand to heart
Heart to hand,
United the path is forged,
Into the silence we fall.

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Light of the new moon

By the light of the new moon,
With great endeavour,
The seeds that were planted,
Break through their zone,
The time of dormancy,
Expired and now renewed,
Sending out the strength of a seedling,
Unfurling leaves of Peace.
Energised the tendrils grow,
Reaching out into the world,
Heart ever opening,
Safe to be who we are,
These seeds of hope,
Planted deeply in rich soil,
Their roots strongly grounded,
Allowing us to bend and dance,
To each new sing.
Lit up, bright and happy,
Vibrantly embracing this life,
Breathing in Love inwards,
Breathing out, letting Go.


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Walking among so many,
Hurried to experience the view,
Delighting in the quirky,
Random recordings echoing through.

The path lit with fires,
Shadows dancing on the trees,
Warming flames lick as we pass,
Smoke filled trails pollute the breeze.

Taking the path least travelled,
The elder tree beckons forth,
The wind lifts her voice,
Into an incredible, undeniable roar.

You are strong and we’ll rooted,
Trust and bend in the breeze,
Enjoy the totality of your existence,
Let go and simply be.

The fires continue to grow,
Expanding into many experiences,
Music eerily blankets the people,
Entrancing the to stay longer.

Snakes of coals radiate heat,
Floating fire, tall lanterns,
Singlets hanging from trees,
The journey is almost complete.

Overwhelmed and energised beyond reason,
We head to the exit way,
Blessed to be part of the experience,
Marvelling at the artists display.

Still before departure,
Drawing back the energy of mine,
Breathing deeply into the certainty,
I am strong and I am here in this time.

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Hope in the Heart

Hope in the Heart,
Communicates believing,
Challenges the stagnation,
Opening to changing,

Hope in the Heart,
Makes space for breathing,
Next steps to be taking,
Overpowering reasoning.

Hope in the Heart,
Transforms what is seen,
Empowers words that are heard,
Let’s the trust in.

Hope in the Heart,
Gifts beauty to life,
Unravels evert hardship,
Unlocks the bitter strife.

Hope in the Heart,
Brings gentle kindness,
Tendrils of vibrancy,
Lighting the darkness.

Hope in the Heart,
Is what is needed,
To traverse this life,
Joyously unheeded.

Hope in the Heart,
Deepest gratitude,
Continue to shine,
Brightening our world

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Overhead they appear,
Circling ever near,
Gliding with invisible strings,
Ultimately they too disappear.

Drawn to the waters edge,
Glistening in the morning light,
Greeting the sun’s ever present rays,
Visiting us once again.

Waterbirds reminding us to write,
To draw upon each emotional insight,
Explore the depths to which we may feel,
To lift again and take flight.

Following the path of the sun,
Ever in the bright light,
Life is not meant to be dark,
We can change it when we decide.

Naming and owning the oceans of us,
Opening to the world of endless trust,
Guiding our path of knowing deep love,
Returning to the place from whence we once come.

Waterbirds drive our longing for freedom,
Transmitting the need for our truth in our being,
No turning back to what once was,
This spirals ever upwards into the hands of God.

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Wounded Child: no more

The energy spikes from your back,
Pricking the air,
The wounded child resorts to..
Undermining all there,
Cowering in fear,
Rejected by their own thoughts,
They wallow in what could of been,
When they could be right here.

The wounded child remains
Attached to the fairytale,
Wanting to be the glorified hero,
Without doing anything,
They wait for the golden spoon,
To deliver their dreams,
Hiding from the reality,
That there is more to living.

So drawing upon strength,
They recognise their attachment..
To obsolete archetypes..
That no longer exist,
And with the sword of Michael..
They shatter the bonds,
The golden light of Raphael sealing
Them back to where they belong.

Responsible and trustworthy,
They manage their own peaks and troughs,
Self regulating with boundaries,
They are met with unbridled love,
The myths they once sought
Are forgotten, no longer exist,
They see their life for what it is,
Truly a Gift

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Life is good?


You can be all of these and more, yet still be experiencing depression and anxiety. They do not discriminate. You do not ever know what is happening behind another exterior. Judge not and simply accept them as they are.

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Disappearing from view

I love you,
You rock about,
I cradle you,
You jump out,
Over the hill,
You runaway,
I let you run,
I love you still.
You disappear from view,
I know you,
There’s no stopping me,
I love you still,
No ill will.
Without a beat,
I am with you,
Even when you’re gone,
I love you still,
I’m not disappearing from view,
I am with you,
I love you.IMG20180901194011.jpg

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