Earthly Waiting

Sitting and pondering,
Still in Being,
Present to each raindrop,
Sinking into oblivion,
Swept upon the winds
Soaked into the land,
Wending through caves,
Blistering up again.
Silence in the Peace,
Busy-ness without doing,
Thoughts rampantly vent,
Revealing nothing,
Cycling through the countryside,
Too close to get perspective,
We are living a life of wonder,
Amidst the heavenly chaos.
Supporting every breath,
Mother Earth stands as witness,
To he beauty held in each,
Her creatures for eternity,
Rising from within,
We deepen our connection,
The Universal energy,
Singing in our Earthly Waiting.

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Wondrous World

In this Wondrous World there is much to decide,
Choices to unravel, signs to recognise.
We wander near and far to discover our very meaning,
Whilst beating within our heart,
Is our radiating purpose.
No need to push or force any issues,
We are all that is needed,
Struggle is not what we’re given.
Hoisting the flag, surrendering to the flow,
We speed upon the energy waves,
The Universe brings us home.
Beauty ignites the desires for more,
Spurning our own selves,
We neglect who we are.
We are nature that surrounds, growing more beautiful each day,
We are the whispering winds,
The drenching rains.
Sunshine glistens upon the ripples of the water,
The wind spirits dance,
Spreading the glory,
With eyes, ears and heart we experience this wave,
Of all encompassing wonder,
The unique beauty of this day.

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Ever Deepening Healing

Supported by the Love,
Of the Universe expanding,
Opening the wounds perceived,
Ever deepening healing,
The woman stands content,
In the living breathing wisdom,
She is safe within her inner space,
Free as the wind ever billowing,
Her heart is free to love,
And loved she is without need for return,
Every dimension is her experience,
Embracing all, it’s everlasting,
She takes it all in,
Letting go,
It’s her turn now,
To overflow,
She transmutes the pain of the past,
To create her new being that…
Is here to last.

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The Woman Within

The brightness of the sky
Filled with clouds
Shrouding not a moment of glory
Feeling lifted up
The world just beginning
All is perfectly timed
The woman within
Swirling in delight
Her voice heard belting out
Her song of brilliance and light
Lifted upon Love
Truth lighting her soul
Connecting with delight
Mother Earth’s beat
Resounding with greatness
Her boom, echoing
Heralding the beginning
Renewing, growing, blooming


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Energy Alive

Unmounting the ordinary,
Enlivening the rare,
The ones that are thought filled,
Emotions that care.
Unleashing the storm,
Valued for less than worth,
Growing to extend beyond this space,
Encompassing all of the Earth,
Expounding virtues of hope,
Love, Truth, Light,
Grace, Beauty, Emote,
Sounding through day and night,
There is no holding back,
This Energy is Alive,
Freeing you of heavy bound shackles,
Past fleeting to its only residence,
Gone disappeared dissolved,
Set free, alive, energetic being,
Shine brightly, live, breathe
Knowing you are more Alive,
The more you trust and thrive.

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Dawning age

Drawn and alone, laying in the time of awakening, eyes crusty with sleep, bones creaking without moving, head swimming with the barely memory of dreams that have floated in and now gone, the warmth of sleep still pervading, can’t she return to her souls keep.
There is no script or how to thrive in this world of the living, no single path appears, it’s more of a Fibonacci spiral, arms all heading off in many directions but so interconnected that they create another spiral in the opposite direction. imagesMore like dodgem cars she feels that her life has been bumping it’s way through, occasionally getting stuck, more often out of control. So the challenge she is fearing is getting out of that car, walking her own way, without limits, without a rule book. Her intuition is her guide, her values her decision maker, she shakes off the doubters and those that belittle her, she knows that this way forward is with in her reach, love truth and light, it is what she needs. Still she rolls back over, enjoying the post slumber, the warmth of her bed, that support it has provided her, she wants to put off stepping away from all she knows, just for another minute, for once she starts, there is no return.
Awaken now and begin this day, the beauty of this morning beckons you to play, the sun will great you through the crisp morning air and you will truly awaken to the dawning age.
One step is all she needs to take, will she find the courage, will she leave the comfort of all she knows, will she aspire to live a life full of purpose and unleash the strength and power of this woman within. Will she fight her own thought demons that try to keep her small, in the land of needing acceptance and avoiding the cruel judgement of difference, will she trust that she has everything she needs to support her within, will she shed that which is old programming and truly begin. The wait begins, to see what happens, she will start… It’s just one step….

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Shifting Turmoil

Where once the flame burnt at both ends,
Rapidly consuming all of the goodness,
There now flickers a steady bright light,
That holds true and provides clear sight.

It’s another level of slow,
When life begins shifting turmoil,
Leaving others to now grow,
You return to your own soil.

To re-seed the life once lived,
To play and enjoy that which once existed,
To thrive in the space within,
No “put upon’s” demanded to begin.

Slowing into this space, uncomfortable and new,
Busy-ness is not the answer, this will not do,
Growing into being womanly and strong,
Bending as the trees in the wind to their own song.

Voice is now healing, words can sprout forth,
Singing the songs of wisdom, the ones that belong,
Opening the heart’s intelligence, letting go of the mind,
There’s no sense of control and no sense of time.

Turmoil was the space of challenge,
To fire up the need,
Slowness is the healing entity,
Growth and time to breathe.

Deep beyond the belly,
To heal through time and space,
Creating unification,
Of ancestors, no longer a dominating fate.

Flame continue to burn,
Light each step of the way,
Unearth the mysteries of uncertainty,
Let trust be in each moment of this day.

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You think you’re so right

You think You’re so Right,
That everything needs to be your way,
Anything different,
Is the wrong way.

Music is wrong,
If it’s not your style,
Food needs to be ordinary,
To sustain the righteous.

Fixation on bringing others,
Into your perfect alignment,
Your morals and ethics,
Perfect for all humanity.

There is no ambiguity,
Uncertainty is fiction,
You are solid in where you stand,
Unshakeable in your certainty.

Toxic is the word I use,
To describe the times I am with you,
The twisting turning judgement, so harsh,
Unprotected you demolish my heart.

Fear of the non-acceptance,
Crucifixion you bestow,
Crushing the trust,
Tearing down any connection.

Years of tolerating the abuse,
That you always seem to give,
Of trying to find ways to get along,
The time is now to forgive.

Myself for sharing the success in my life,
For looking to you for support,
And expecting any different,
You are who you are.

The family who protected me,
Not from the wrath of you,
They too were all scared,
Of all that you could do.

Forgiving the structures,
That bind you so tight,
That you can not see the beauty,
Unless you are in the right.

So here and now,
You are blessed and dismissed from my life,
I have nothing to prove,
May Joy, Light and Peace fill all our lives.

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Living the After Life

What if we are, more than Unique?
Every Atom within, from times gone past,
Vibrating lives, long gone, animal or plant,
An ever cycling rebirth, of atoms and resource.
From the Earth to the water, inanimate and strong,
Flowing upwards through the magma,
Exploding lava into the throng,
Stars burning bright fling plasma afar,
Every molecule and atom within, once being elsewhere.
Through a space of infinite finite,
We wend our ways,
The composition of our being,
The uniqueness that we crave,
Yet the truth is every piece of matter has vibrated elsewhere,
It’s Being remembering the difference,
Tapping into the the contentedness,
We are not lost souls on an individual journey,
Our collective through the eons spurs us on, forward,
What we think is our life…is someone else’s afterlife,
We regenerate and reinvigorate, connecting and learning.
Perhaps there is no end, no beginning, no middle,
A continuous circle that draws closer-then expands again,
With every life a different combination from that last that once existed,
The past becomes the future and Now is just the beginning.
Live well, prosper and grasp each experience for what it is,
Heaven is upon us, from whence we once came,
And with great certainty our life has definitive meaning,
To create the glory of the next afterlife which will be another beginning.

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Spreading through her whole being,
From her core to the beyond,
Burning bright with pure delight,
She dances as a dragonfly on its pond.

Hair flowing wildly,
In a fray of majestic lack of control,
Spiralling, standing, curling about
She is at one with the spark in her soul.
Her smile radiates it’s relaxed pleasure,
Breathing air with deep resounding gratitude
For the Angels and Guardians who keep it so pure,
Her lungs fill with an optimistic attitude.

Life flows with ease and Grace,
There is no turning from this delight,
Radiance explodes into space,
This woman is empowered, watch her take flight.

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