Within lies beauty,
Within lies the love,
Within lies the uncertainty,
Within the work starts.

Within lies the intelligence,
Within lies the wisdom,
Within lies the courage,
Within the work starts,

Within lies the weaver,
Within she accesses threads,
With loom in hand she starts,
Within life’s creation,

Within her energy grows,
Within lies her compassion,
Within forgiveness bestowed,
Within eternally grateful.

Within she opens her heart,
Within she blesses all.
Within she trusts the universe,
Within she follows her call.

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Shadows of butterflies

It doesn’t matter what I want,
God takes me to where I need to be,
God guides my every move,
It’s the way I’ve chosen to be.
Sitting up on a rock,
Offering gratitude for the air the land the light,
Praying for my friends,
My family and all I know.
Birds of a feather sing songs of joy,
Opening to the rise of the sun,
There is a slow and gentle him,
Coldness of life seeping through the rock.
In the light the darkness seems ever do daunting, each step one of hesitation,
But from the darkness the light restores faith,
We operate with great surety and understanding,
Stories are left behind,
As gentle peaceful being drops in,
There is more to this life than we are seeing,
Just wait a while,
Feel the gentle breeze,
Watch the sparkles of rainbows,
The shadows of butterflies,
You are in the beginning.

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Funeral today

Admist the sadness,
Saying goodbye,
An angel returning,
To heaven,
Orbs of love,
Exist without being,
Holding the flow,
Energy weaving,
Friends gather close,
Whispers of normal,
Eye contact glancing,
Caught up in feeling,
Tears erupt,
Goodbyes are so hard,
I love you echoes,
Riding shot gun,
In the car.
Goodbye sweet being,
We will meet again,
This twisting life,
Brings reckoning,
Hold true to the worth,
Beauty in friends,
Never to much effort,
To say hello, I love you.

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Reflection of me

If I looked into a pond,
What would I see,
Who would I Be,
Would it be me

Transfixed and alone,
Would I transform,
Alter and grow,
Learn what I know.

For if I am observed
Don’t I reflect the veil of the viewer,
And if that is me,
Will the view truly be me.

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Souls creativity

Angels filled the night time air,
Bright and joyous they danced awY,
Till dawn did break the spun aware,
Watching the rise and fall of each breath.

Angels focussed on Peace that night,
Unburdening the souls of their plight,
Rounding the corner and taking flight,
They stayed ever near just out of sight.

Once in the motion, nothing could Stop,
No pause, no take two, it was everlasting pop,
Unveiling the plan, one frame at a time,
There was only this moment.

The special souls exist,
Preparing for God’s work,
Connecting the energy centres,
Being of service.

Inviting the expansion,
Of all that do live,
Mirroring the souls journey,
So they to can give.

Open the heart and let the transformation begin,
Enliven the feminine energy,
Power begins,
Fear not any consequence,
For that block is but a stumble,
What you need to do now,
Is fan more important than to be humble,
Live large and demand
The right to true creativity,
Energy from the meme,
Construct your own reality,
Offer it all without thought of recompense,
Undoubtedly the world turns,
Yours is lived with great strength.
Angels on high trumpet with great delight,
There is no end yet in sight,
But the beginning is nigh,
Alight from the post of following the norms,
And transform this light from a flicker to an intense burn

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Life Death

Life implodes in but a breath,
That last spark of life, set adrift,
Empty eyes stare into the sky,
No longer windows to the soul, gone away.
Friend who once walked this Earth,
Now pure Love fills his void,
His generous heart, ever present,
Still, tall and strong, his Soul the purest essence,
Overwhelmed in grief, suddenness ever shockng,
The waves ebb by, only to return.
The earth has not yet greeted,
This beautiful man, who once breathed with us,
It is to come, and we will unite to lift him,
To the heavens above where he can rest in the hands of God,
Yet I know he will be ever present to his adored wife and children,
Delighting in their every thought and action,
Loving with his purest heart.
Good-bye and so long dear friend,
It is with great joy that I came to know you,
And we will meet again…
Blessings to all who have lost a dear soul that they loved,
Know that through god’s love they journey with you still.

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Energy-Love Everlasting

The energy of change,
Just in front of you,
Reach out your fingers,
Give it a twirl,
Spin it into a ball,
Release it with love,
Out into this world,
Transformance is the power,
To create all that we need,
Now is the hour,
To erupt from the seed,
Let go of any doubts,
In the darkest of times,
Comes the brightest of lights,
Laughter in the vines,
Energy entwining,
Linking the impossible,
Brimming to capacity,
That which is yet unknown,
Reach out and try,
No past, present or future,
Nothing but the pure,
Vibrating with joy.
Love everlasting!


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Dimension energy

Dimension One…
Here exists the energy,
Buzzing in delight,
Waiting for the moment,
It is taken and comes alive.
Many different factions
Of this energy exists,
Always within our reach,
Answering our every wish.
Dimension Two…
Here the inventor aligns,
Thoughts, intents and emotions,
Actions come into being,
Energy flows without meaning.
What once never existed,
Except in the one dimension realm,
Merrily bubbles firth,
Astounding those who lack.
Dimension Three…
The actions of our thoughts, our dreams,
Become realised,
The surge of creativity,
Reminds us of our lives.
Trusting that this energy exists,
We enter into the flow,
Changing to what has never been,
Dispelling fears and woes.
Dimension Four…
Our creative capacity is witnessed,
Others begin to dance,
Inspiration dances through their hearts,
They believe that they too can.
The energy exists for all,
With aligned intent,heart and head,
Dreams of the collective come true

It is that easy,
The energy already exists,
Doubt and fear,
Don’t let them interfer.
For this life of yours,
Continually transforms,
Riding this the wave,
Of energy is yours.

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Rain heralding Angels

The rains come diwn
Blessing the Earth
Offering hope
To those destutute
Settling the air
Risen in discontent
Appreciating all that is
Without recompense
Angels on high
Sing with Joy
The time for rejuvenation
Has finally arrived
Washing away
That which is no longer of worth
All that is left
Love, Joy, and pure mirth
Their songs ring out
Reminding all of their own wings
That exist in the inner realm
Waiting for us to begin
Lifting us up
Into our own power of creation
Sending forth into the day
God’s own inner source
Gratitude for the thrumming
Of rain on the roof
For the grass
For the washing away
Lies, fears, doubts,
Revealing the truth
Peace in every breath
As we begin yet again
Dancing merrily along
Sparkling rain drops
We ascend.

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Psychologist room

Sitting here waiting,
Knowing the hour could just stretch out,
Misery and dissatisfaction could be my friend,
Depression and anxiety could descend,
Instead my music plays,
Upbeat and happy,
First through my phone for all,
Head phones not yet connected.
Brain lit up with joy,
Meditation my armour each morning,
Before rising from sleep,
Energy dancing,
Planning for an exciting future,
Filled with delight,
Supporting those I love,
Without living their experiences, Means I get to be happy,
Happy in being me,
Empathy still thrives,
Compassions tendrils extends,
I am making me life,
Creating the beauty I need,
They will follow,
Do the same,
Creating the world they need to thrive.
Greatest of gratitude,
To every experience,
Every thought,
Every emotion,
That has brought me to this place
I am in,
Right here,
Right now,
Breathing in the joy,
Sitting in the waiting room,
Of the psychologists office.1541370209820-1349733913

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