mandalaEarth1Discoveries are often made when we allow our brain to switch off and “organic” connections can be made. Some people meditate, do yoga, Reiki etc to create this state of switching off.

Mandala writing is another way to switch off and allow “organic” connections to be made. Because it intrinsically linked to words I often come across connections between words. My most favorite connection is that of Earth and Heart. When writing Earth repetitively in a circle it soon transforms into Heart as the H shifts to the front of the word. The words become interchangeable EARTHEARTHEARTHEART. It really is beautiful.

At a women’s retreat an older woman began speaking to me about how the Earth is the Heart of the Galaxy, and it is moving towards the center of the Milky way. When I shared this connection between the words Earth and Heart she became very emotional. I’m not sure of whether the Earth is moving towards the Heart of the galaxy, but I am sure that the Heart of Life here on Earth is the Earth herself and through respect and by honoring this planet where we live we have the greatest chance of living fulfilling lives of Love.


About R Congues

Funny enough, this blog has become the expression of my hopes, dreams, love and experiences. It came about because of the situation I discovered I was in, and I am delighted to see it grow and heal into something different: I am a parent of two children, one who has experienced severe anxiety that became disabling in all aspects of their life. I am a teacher of Maths, Science and Religious Education with a Masters in Special Needs Education; I am a qualified Reiki master, with a love of art and creative experience. I am not a professional in the fields of psychology or medicine. (If you are interested in these perspectives there are many internet sites to use.) I am simply expressing my experience in my own unique way.
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