Innocent One

Dear Innocent one,

I am so sorry that you lost your innocence. At a time you needed love and support you received words of shame, judgement and guilt. You found solace in books and learnt of other possibilities and opportunities. You carved out a persona of strength and capability, whilst really just protecting the hurt child within; the one whose eyes had been open to the harm in the world. Once open she could never forget and her innocence was lost forever.

You have strived to create a world of peace and harmony.I applaud this.Now  it is time though for you to engage with what you most crave”the innocence of Love”. That gentle hug, endearing words, thoughtful gestures…that want for nothing more.

I don’t know if I will always succeed in giving you this Love, but I am going to be open to it and embrace it. Because YOU are worth it!You have lived a life so deprived, harsh and full of criticism. Enough is enough! Voices of self criticism need to stop now. We won’t always make it, but we will be safe anyway. I have learnt to be strong for the whole of me;Innocence is welcome into my life and I am not going to second guess it.

It’s time to come out and play, to open our hearts and know that we are safe no matter what judgement words or actions others take against us. We will not lose this opportunity to engage with self-love, I am worthy of it; You are worthy of it; we are worthy of self-love.

Please forgive me for all that has happened. Without these experiences we would not be in this space to heal and re-connect with innocence. It is important and vital that we work together and don’t hold back. It will be scary and seem hard. But together we can. Relax and be gentle with yourself. Trust me to walk this path with you, protect you and keep you safe from harm. You may be hurt along the way, and not everything will meet your expectations; that is the way of learning. You are opening up in a new way; hold yourself close then open with Trust. The truth is you are beauty and innocence resonates deeply within your soul. Unlock the door and let it shine through. You are worthy of so much more than you have allowed.

You are loved, You are lovable, You are loving.

Embrace the innocence that you lost and know that you are doing this for the dear little one who is still hiding in the corner, afraid of her own shadow. She deserves this and she has waited too long. Love her as you wish to be loved.



About R Congues

Funny enough, this blog has become the expression of my hopes, dreams, love and experiences. It came about because of the situation I discovered I was in, and I am delighted to see it grow and heal into something different: I am a parent of two children, one who has experienced severe anxiety that became disabling in all aspects of their life. I am a teacher of Maths, Science and Religious Education with a Masters in Special Needs Education; I am a qualified Reiki master, with a love of art and creative experience. I am not a professional in the fields of psychology or medicine. (If you are interested in these perspectives there are many internet sites to use.) I am simply expressing my experience in my own unique way.
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One Response to Innocent One

  1. Advanced Research Technology says:

    It is true. Despite the hurt and the shame of the past, one must learn to show themselves love and respect. The self-accepting one will be naturally accepting of the others they meet along the path.

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