There’s a Lilt to my voice,
A raven which catches,
A coarse sound of deep regret,
When my words are filled with Guilt.
The feelings of remorse and windswept desolation over-sweep me;
For it was against my true nature,
Which is forth coming and true.

Honesty rings with brilliance,
And eyes look straight at you.
My face is written as a book,
That is open, ready to read.
There is a deep, naive resolve,
To never speak what’s already said.
Within the universal truth telling…

Are words that reverberate,
through the matrix of this life,
Of love, Joy, Happiness and Truth.
There is nothing yet to avoid,
For it falls within the spectrum,
Of living, breathing human-ness,
Of connection with each other beings.

The dripping of time,
Through the capsule unending,
Binds us all to the end,
The middle, the beginning.
And so it starts again…
To be repeated until,
We honor what has come before, what is, and will be.

Cheers to healing; memories lost.
To Faith in the Love,
The Connection and the Joy.
Faith in the Peace,
That simmers in our hearts,
Faith in the people,that are living with their truth,
Bringing it together through the years of their youth.




About R Congues

Funny enough, this blog has become the expression of my hopes, dreams, love and experiences. It came about because of the situation I discovered I was in, and I am delighted to see it grow and heal into something different: I am a parent of two children, one who has experienced severe anxiety that became disabling in all aspects of their life. I am a teacher of Maths, Science and Religious Education with a Masters in Special Needs Education; I am a qualified Reiki master, with a love of art and creative experience. I am not a professional in the fields of psychology or medicine. (If you are interested in these perspectives there are many internet sites to use.) I am simply expressing my experience in my own unique way.
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