Stop Fooling Yourself!

Foolishly I await, for the coming of the Queen,
Dressed in silken garbs, she will bequeath to me,
The symbols of royalty the remain hidden under my dusty cloak,
She’ll draw the path before me, clearing all the muck and dirt.

Foolishly I await, to be swept into the abyss,
Where everything is as it was dreamed, no people out of place,
From a chandelier glows a thousand bright lights,
Inviting us all to dance joyously alight.

Foolishly I have drunk from the tall glass of fable and rhyme,
That for all good people there will be a coming of the time,
That the Heart will lead onwards to a brand new beautiful world,
Intelligent and optimistic, a time of great boom.

Foolishly I have berated myself for being unaware,
Of my modes of operation which have entrapped me here,
The choices I make, to avoid confrontation and anger;
Subservience, withdrawal, disconnection, emptiness.

Change comes in many forms, but first with awareness,
My eyes are now open and my disposition is gentle,
With hope and accountability I am willing to change,
To leave these modes behind and be more healtherly Me.



About R Congues

Funny enough, this blog has become the expression of my hopes, dreams, love and experiences. It came about because of the situation I discovered I was in, and I am delighted to see it grow and heal into something different: I am a parent of two children, one who has experienced severe anxiety that became disabling in all aspects of their life. I am a teacher of Maths, Science and Religious Education with a Masters in Special Needs Education; I am a qualified Reiki master, with a love of art and creative experience. I am not a professional in the fields of psychology or medicine. (If you are interested in these perspectives there are many internet sites to use.) I am simply expressing my experience in my own unique way.
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