Life Moves on

The turning of the time through eons of passageways
Assails the sense that where we are is of importance
What transpires behind the curtains of the heavens is far removed
The life we are leading directs with great significance.

Energy expands through out the universe
Carrying us with it, unknowingly we travel
Thoughts gently nudge the expansion and transformation
The ride is long, exhilarating as it unravels.

Stopped by the measure of emotion that runs through
Caught by the drama, incredulously we stare
With wonder, with fear, with Love, with shock
Momentarily we are trapped in the depths of great despair.

Wiping away the individual experience
We come to a point of seeing the glorious rise and fall
The pitch and the tone, the frequency, the resonance
Each life joining with others to form the melody and score.

Life moves on, one step at a time
Think too much and knotted you will become
Flowing more freely brings the light to the darkness
Accepting yourself as you are is paramount.

Energy is flowing, Life is moving
The integrity lies in living your truth
Gently melt away obstructions with Love and support
As gentle as a stream carving through the mud.

This universe of expansion is on your side
It wants you to succeed
Raise up your voice of truth
Sing your life, allow it to exceed.


About R Congues

Funny enough, this blog has become the expression of my hopes, dreams, love and experiences. It came about because of the situation I discovered I was in, and I am delighted to see it grow and heal into something different: I am a parent of two children, one who has experienced severe anxiety that became disabling in all aspects of their life. I am a teacher of Maths, Science and Religious Education with a Masters in Special Needs Education; I am a qualified Reiki master, with a love of art and creative experience. I am not a professional in the fields of psychology or medicine. (If you are interested in these perspectives there are many internet sites to use.) I am simply expressing my experience in my own unique way.
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