Reiki is a modality of Energy Healing. It supports you as life transforms and as you move through transitions and grow. I offer Reiki in a gentle, non-invasive and nurturing way. Sometimes people experience major shifts, other times the simple clarity of Peace.

Reiki has supported transformations in my life and that of my Family and Friends. It appears that the Energy supports those experiencing Anxiety and Depression to take steps along their own individual path. Often these steps are not visible to those outside the situation, and they can be internal changes within the individual. Although not obvious these small changes through a cascading effect create the possibility of huge changes in the energy of the person and their view point of life in the present moment.

For my children I have often used a distance Reiki technique that is gentle and non-intrusive, other times I have offered Reiki through a situational technique. Both have had an influential effect. Yet other times, when the moments been right I have offered hands on Reiki whilst my children have watched a movie. It is very empowering to be able to offer Love and Energy in such a simple and Powerful way.


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