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Tower of my construction 

When I am with you,  I am supported and loved When you are absent, the floor falls out. It’s not that I am reliant on you to meet my needs It’s just that when you are here I feel completely … Continue reading

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Strong and aloof she stands tall in the shadows, Looking through the mist, fearful of looming figures, She pushes it down, straightens her back and makes ready, She is strong, determined and no one will slay her. Intimately she pairs … Continue reading

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P is for….

P is for… Parenting this joyous spirits of light, in a world of confusion and conflict, supporting them in finding their way of living and guiding them to be the best person they can Partnering the wonderful people in your … Continue reading

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Day 6 Hawaii: Air, Land and Sea

Sunday 20th July 2014 The Cock crowed at 5 am, so I woke up. (No rest for the wicked!) So I must be very wicked indeed! There was no evidence of storm damage and the sun was beginning to rise … Continue reading

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Day 4: bring on the culture!

Friday 18th July 2014 Sleep was fulfilling, I enjoyed the bliss of waking up to the day knowing I had slept well and it was already 8:30am. Woo Hoo! A breakfast of Rice Crackles and a coffee saw me on … Continue reading

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So Sexy..

Being Sexy… Reflections in the mirror reveal the curving lines of spring The possibilities abounding, the physicality of things The light reveals the movement, the swaying of the hips The wobble of the thighs and the pursing of the lips … Continue reading

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Why do People want to Marry?

Marriage has come up as a hot topic of late, especially if you are part of the minority who is not allowed to marry the one they Love: Lesbian, Gay, Bi, Transgender. It has really created a platform for discussion … Continue reading

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