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The Quiet

Music pumping, People yelling, Hands clapping, Hips swinging, Head nodding, Skin sweating, Breathe panting, Chest heaving, Energy swirling, Ears ringing, Light shining, Eyes closing, Hands twisting, Inner being, Quite internalising, Silence engulfing, Spirit calming, Peace reigning. Advertisements

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Bunny Rabbit’s Dream

Bunny rabbits hop, about the bright meadow Sipping the dew on long bended stalks the sun glitters through, saying how is your day Hop along now, no dawdling, it’s time to play The owl is asleep so be joyous and … Continue reading

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15th May 2016 Peace Prevails on Earth

This date is the time of Pentecost, when God appeared as flames upon the apostles and they were able to speak in tongues, communicating with the world. it is also the time of Wesak, a celebration of Buddha and a … Continue reading

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Relaxation: cutting through “Fear”

PHYSIOLOGY OF FEAR The physiology of Fear is well documented*. Medical fields now understand how much the “Fear” factor effects your health. Increases cortisol, prolactin and growth hormone Increase pulse, blood pressure, and affect other physiological responses. Blood vessels traveling … Continue reading

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