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Firsts! OMG I’m over it!

I read about the delight, People exclaim how wonderful! That a woman be nominated… To run for president. How sad! my heart screams!!!! That we are still so archaic… That women still have to break a ceiling, That the men … Continue reading

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Commemorating Australia Day

Last night the Australian of the Year was announced, David Morrison (you tube clip of his speech to the Australian troops), a man of great power and resources who has spoken out and has promised to continue the fight to … Continue reading

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So Sexy..

Being Sexy… Reflections in the mirror reveal the curving lines of spring The possibilities abounding, the physicality of things The light reveals the movement, the swaying of the hips The wobble of the thighs and the pursing of the lips … Continue reading

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How do you change a world

How do you change a World… When you Mother told you always to say “Yes” to a Man! When your brother had preference over everything When being pretty was the ultimate goal When you avoided being felt up in the … Continue reading

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Dreaming of safely being a Woman!

I watched the News this morning and was horrified to learn yet again that Women had been Objectified and used to satisfy the “male” sexual lust on a large scale. This is not the first time, yet I sincerely hope … Continue reading

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