Mandala writing

Mandala Tri Force

Mandala writing is a trans-formative path to deeper self knowledge. The patience and time taken to create even a small Mandala paves the way to a place of beauty and self knowing.

The Energy that you place into the Mandala radiates to all.

The above Mandala was created for my son; he Loves Zelda and the triforce shield is a symbol that consists of Wisdom, Courage and Power. So it became a very special gift radiating the words and Energy of Wisdom, Courage and Power to my son when he needed it.


This Mandala I created in 2011. It was at the time my Grandmother In-law was ill. We received the phone call of her passing as I was half way through. I looked at the words written “Grace and Beauty” and knew that they were words that honored her life. I completed the Mandala and at her burial this Mandala was placed with her. The energy of Love permeates from this Mandala, continuously/ And even though the original is now within the Earth the energy of Love continues.

As you can see Mandalas are a very special way of working with Energy, they make a wonderful gift for yourself or a special person.


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  1. I’d like to know more about Mandala writing.


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