Lying here,
TV glaring,
Noise reverberating,
Warmth emenating
Cat and Dog sleeping,
Space opening,
Brain fogging,
Ears quietenning,
Heart beating,
Anxiety gaining,
Gently breathing,
Open dreaming,
Sunshine beaming,
Waves crashing,
Sand squeaking,
Laughter rolling,
Love deepening.

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Resolute she stands
Knowing her purpose is unfolding
Trusting the inspiration revealing
Allowing the energy flowing

Resolute she stands
Wisdom surrounding
Heart steadily beating
Awareness constantly growing

Resolute she stands
Hands made for healing
Arms made for caring
Shoulders made for carrying

Resolute she stands
In her beauty and oneness
Surrounded by her family
Radiating with Love

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Ego Screen

The screen reflects the ego,
It breathes life of purpose where there is none,
Creating a sense on importance,
Inflating the feeling of connection.

Flat and shallow it taunts,
Artificially radiating energy,
The light drains the truth,
Soulless it reflects emptiness.

Honourless it allows intrusions,
Demands to be attended to and caressed,
Imploringly it beeps into our awareness,
Not allowed to sleep or find any rest.

This screen transforms the lives,
Rewiring the brain,
Destroying the spirit,
Verifying our insanity.

Ego it is time to switch off,
Pull hard you will, but refrain,
I love your care and awareness of life,
But it’s time to dance in the rain.

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Strong and aloof she stands tall in the shadows,
Looking through the mist, fearful of looming figures,
She pushes it down, straightens her back and makes ready,
She is strong, determined and no one will slay her.

Intimately she pairs with a beautiful soul,
Vulnerability is her achilles, she devalues her need,
She takes all that is given, whether it’s right or wrong,
She pushes away beauty, she is scared.

The tango within, dances on through the years,
Being dependent is weak, it’s needy-it’s bad,
So she builds her defences and avoids situations,
The bricks build up, no light anymore enters.

With a whisper on the wind she sees her life in disarray,
Blaming everyone else for her shock and her betrayal,
With one thought she has believed to be good is independent,
She has fought tooth and nail, and now she must face her truth.

Dependency is trust in the beauty of another soul,
That they are willing to pick you up, to soothe and to hold,
Recognising your needs and allowing someone else to meet them,
Sweetly and gently releasing the need to lead.

With warmth and dedication she learns a new dance,
It’s no longer solo, and she can simply relax,
For when the heart is open to someone else taking the lead,
She is nurtured and cared for, she is loved she is me.


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Change Happens

How does change happen?
From where does it spring?
Who brings it into being?
What makes it begin?

It begins with connections,
Family and friends,
With the energy between you,
Taut or slack…
The flow ties you in,
The momentum pushes forward,
Needs being met,
The thought of possibility unpacked

From the idea comes possibility,
It is played with,
Detangled and Unwound,
Simple communicated thought…
From the abstract to reality,
A call to action,
A plan to enact,
Time to GO.

Review and determine,
Success and achievement,
Work smart,
Surrounded by good people…
Rest when weary,
Share in the Joy,
Open your Heart,
Let CHANGE rule your world.

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Interface of Being

Energy sweeps, through time and space,
Connecting the particles, memories, the interface
Programming the future, the past and the present
Bringing it to the apex of a solution
Reasoning and Meaning fall into the abyss
Growing and Learning, Expanding are the keys
Ever evolving life truly is a wash
With all of the planetary movements
The stars transcending the dust
Small and alone, disconnected we feel
Yet we too thrum with the ever vibrating field
Millions of connections through time and space
Enter us into the energy interface.

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The flight of the Eagle

Gliding above
Eyes keenly trained
Open to the promise
Wings spanning wide
Perched upon the wind
Quietly stalking
Prey shaking within
Leaves scatter
Clouds race by
Ever circling
High upon high
Direct and aloof
Impinged upon
Human presence
Edging away
Death ever present
Watching each movement
Fraction of a heart beat
Seizing each movement
Sizing each prey
King of the feathered
Diminishing each day
Elevated tree nest
Vulnerability and strength
Fly Eagle
Into our hearts
Lift us to the heavens
Touch the sun
Pierce through.


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Lifting her face, eyes closed, suns embrace
Red light spots in the dark, awakening her heart
Hope flitters into a spark, warmth radiates out
She nurtures and feeds the fire that starts

Inching forward so quietly, not making a sound,
Listening to each word she herself speaks
Reflecting on the tone and meaning, reviewing reactions
Sun calms the beating and spreads the anxiousness

Water dapples brightly, shimmering in the energy
Sand coarse and hard, softly slips beneath her feet
Birds call to each other, the greatness of simply living
Clouds gather, yet the sun radiates through

Inwardly fighting to keep her head from imploding
Lifting her eyes, encouraging herself to keep moving
Sore from the strain that she carries without thinking
Suns warm embrace stops the thoughts from spinning

Under the veil of motherly Love,
She has vacated herself, she is long gone
Witnesses attest that she did all that she could
Sacrifice and Gifting her essence for Love

The end has not come for with work and with pride
She discovered there is more and her feeling crept back inside
Her heart fluttered fiercely, not for others but her own worth
She knelt and gave thanks and began to return

With a newly energised self, she harnessed the spring
She planted new dreams and felt ready to begin
She wrote of her passions that had once dwindled and died
And opened herself to the chance of really feeling alive

Where the story leads and how it turns out
Is irrelevant to the courage that it took to turn it about
She radiates determination and still cares consciously
Mother Earth and her live truly harmoniously.

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Leading Heart

I lead the wayDSC01555
You follow

I know the path
You trust

I share your past
You are consoled

I live your joys
You thrive

I create the change
You fear, You courageously face, You accept

I hear your doubts
You change your words

I reveal the light
You dance uninhibited

I carry you home
You are nurtured and replenished

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Thought Baggage

I’m dropping off the thought baggage
It’s time to let it all go
It’s worn and torn from mulling around
The owners tags are gone

I’ve picked it up on my journeys here and there
Some is families some is friends
Some belongs to people I don’t know
How to return? where to put? I just know it needs to go.

I’m good at carrying other peoples worries
They don’t even need to ask
Most of the time they don’t know I’ve taken it
They just feel better and move on

Stepping forward becomes more difficult
As the baggage weighs you down
It’s harder to see a bright horizon
When your head barely lifts from the ground

So I am declaring a baggage dump,
If you want it back come and collect it
I care very much about each of your lives
But mine also needs to be lived

The baggage is in the best condition I could keep it
But some of it may be so old and starting to rot
If not collected it will be recycled
About this I will worry not

When speaking next and you wonder why
Your own baggage still lies on your shoulder
It’s because I am happy to listen and support
But I choose not to carry your load

Thank-you for helping me through on my way
Distracting from my own problems
Caring and Loving I may be still
And I will deal with all of my own thought baggage from now on.


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