Mother’s Hug

She closes her eyes,
Pretending to sleep,
Head resting in the lap.
Of her mother.

Gently the hand lifts,
Stroking her hair,
Comforting, Loving,
I will always be there.

She longs for the nights,
With others around,
Late hours that create,
The chance to sleep sound.

The love that emanates,
From a touch so gentle,
Un-thought of, instinctive,
Cutting through the cruelty.

Seeking the chances
To be silent and asleep,
To feel the tender loving
From a mothers gentle keep.

She closes her eyes
Awaiting the possibility
Of feeling loved and belonging,
Of her mother’s hug.

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Future Self

How I perceive each moment…
Changes how I experience each moment.

Choose the High road,
Close to the sun,
Feel it’s radiant energy…
Enliven your Heart.IMG20170401150728.jpg

Breathe the clean air,
From your head to your toes,
Trust your intuition…
To take you where you go.

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Healing this Family

There are many roads,
 That lead but one place,
 Death and Desire,
 At once interlaced.

Wrapped in a blanket of Love,
 Warmed from the empty space,
 Walking through this world,
 Stepping at Heart pace.

Earth so full of Heart,
 Beating in sweet unison,
 No things separate the two,
 They are the complete Union.

Each with a Heart,
 Carries with them the Earth,
 Brimming with excess,
 The warmth of the Harth.

Opening the energy,
 Sealing the Love,
 Embracing each emotion,
 Thanking God from above.

The pain and the suffering,
 Changed only through will,
 Let's transfigure what we are doing,
 We have the knowledge and skill.

Trust in the knowing,
 Let loose the emotion,
 Stopping any thing,
 It kills the truth of your oceans.

Open up the stone,
 At the doorway of your tomb,
 Walk once again amongst the living,
 Rebirth from the womb.

It is only through healing yourself,
 And growing beyond what you think,
 That you can heal the minds, hearts and bodies of other,
 Turning the tide of humanity from the brink.
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Bright and colorful,
Many shapes and sizes,
Textures and compounds,
Functions and Abuses.

Do it up, Shake it down,
Collapse, Roll on the ground,
Pushed to the limits of sanity,
Exposing the true gravity.

Locked in under,
Warm and cosy,
Open to the elements,
Cold, raw, exposed.

Pushing without knowing,
Hidden in the background,
Pushing others buttons,
Till the final let down.

Buttons glow darkly,
With menace and contempt,
Hiding the raging rivers,
Of molten resentment.

Pretty and purposeless,
Unleashing the drama,
Violence arising,
Inflicting the trauma.

Buttons so small,
insignificantly demanding,
Be gentle and tender,
Is what they are commanding.

Ripping to shreds,
The value of what they do,
Buttons are a danger,
The trigger the unthinkable.

Thank-you for the buttons,
That create Peace and warmth in our lives,
For the ones that teach us,
For the ones that help us thrive.

Thank you to the ripples,
That each button sets forth,
For the connections to each other,
That each button brings forth.

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Words in Head

Words in Head..

You keep vibrating and rolling, spinning dervishly around,
Trapped in a vortex, not making a sound,

What is the point you words are trying to make,
The confusion surrounding each movement,

Chills of experience echo through the visual medium,
Lives lost with a cause, change must now be pivotal,

Epitome of lies sweep across the floors of men,
Questioning others, no personal responsibility taken,

Hurting without reason, the lights of this world,
Transforming the mountains to volcanoes of source,

Heavy in the bones, weight switches side to side,
Out of the narrow field of acceptance, discounted, outride,

Swearing, breathing heavy, anger rampant, skin sweaty,
Blessed Mary the only image, project forward, hide the skinny,

Humble, crumble, rumble and stumbles from within,
Peace remains at the beginning, build upon it’s base,

Meaning not of the making of words, feelings construe,
Veils of experience amplify and diffuse

Each word, each letter constructed to convey energy,
Limited only by use, imagination and courage,


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The journey Ends and Begins with but a pause,
There is no sense of what went on, after or before,
It is the lull in the waves of silence on shore,
It is the nothingness of being, implosion assured.
Where to begin, worry not, for you are awakening,
Energy is thrumbing, preparing your body,
Eliminating all the excess and waste,
Defining the needed, the timely, you’re fate.
Ego withstands much battering and thwarting,
Determined to control, no direction, no sourcing,
Let go of the meaning, the purpose irrelevant,
Close your eyes and offer forgiveness, let go, simply float.
Directionless you are not, the maps simply hidden,
Fly across the waves, with youthful invigorment,
Rinse off your wants and flow to what enlivens,
Write of the journey, map the path…
I stutter and stop, I struggle to engage,
I lose the plot, I feel fasical and afraid,
I know what is needed, here and now on one level,
On another I am lost, lack lustre, only a ripple.
Tiredness overwhelms, I think only of sleep,
My brain feels numb, unable to take it all in,
So humbly I handover my dreams and my passions,
Trust the deeper knowing of what enlivens, I’m ready, beginning.
You let go and reform the bounty of knowledge,
Emotions are rampant, energy overflowing,
Ground with the Earth, the stars and heavenly bodies,
Trust in your preciousness, trust in your soul’s journey.
No beginning no end, your circle keeps turning.
You’ve been here before, simply deepening the knowing, Curl up and just Be, comfort your physical needs,
Leave the logic and stigma of rightfullness to seed.

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Does it make sense?

When the World doesn’t make sense,
If nothing seems to align,
All hell appears to break loose,
Moral values challenged, not in line.

Arms raised with abandon,
Eyes are rubbed, tears are shed,
Shoulders are shrugged,
Frustrated bellowing rears it’s ugly head.

Breathe with gentle intensity,
Trust in the way,
It is all coming together,
For a new and beautiful day.

It is only when we lose hope,
That our lives are transformed into nothing,
Our existence matters, we are once more,
The energy of Love and a greater happening.

Hating the waiting,
Transfixed by the movement of time,
Thinking creates spinning,
Chills run through the spine.

Endless and ever widenning,
The gaps in the meaning,
Senseless and useless, motionless movement,
Self perpetuating whining.

Stand tall with intent,
To be more that you think,
Create more than envisage,
Let life be your drink.

Taste the many flavours,
Sip sweetly the succulent nectars,
Listen to the gentle calls,
Feel the many sensual textures.

Life isn’t about making sense,
History has shown this through out time,
There is no answer, yet there is the hope,
When we resign to Being, we will finally be aligned.

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NoWhere and EveryWhere

Transversing this space,
She recognises the sign posts,
To trauma, To Joy,
To upheaval through a landmine,
Though she knows there are these ways…
She wants there to be a new path,
One to get lost in,
One to be found in at the same time.

This life of hers is wanting,
There’s something more to done,
Where are her achievements?
Hidden away in a drawer.
She withers into the background,
The smoke rising above,
A sigh of relief slips through her lips
She escapes the emotional floods.

Numbed through her bones,
She tries to break free,
The numbing once evicted,
Reasserts itself as a need.
She tumbles around,
Bouncing from one thing to the next,
Always centered on staying true
To her inner Goodness.

Wandering into a dimensional space,
Connecting with newly discovered Hearts,
She breathes with ferocity,
Finding Sacred Peace in the dark.
Whilst she feels she is NoWhere,
The truth she now knows,
Her existence is EveryWhere,
As she continues to grow.

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Self comfort

She held her own hand, 

Gently stroking with her thumb, 

Providing comfort through her fears, 

Being with her emotional self. 

Hidden behind her crossed legs, 

She felt guilt and uncomfortable, 

Nurturing an unspoken need, 

She quietly breathed and relaxed. 

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The Gift of Need

Need propels us beyond ourselves,
We reach with hands to another help,
Teaching the knowledge, skills and talents,
That opens our minds, bodies and hearts.

Need creates vulnerability to be,
More than what we ourselves perceive,
Risk and failure are on our every breath,
Need to live, avoiding death.
Connections are strengthened beyond the familiar,
Intangible intertwining of the energy of being,
Lightning the path of growth,
Loves expanding in the presence of hope.

Without need I am alone, without purpose,
Lolling about, depressed and uncertain,
With the spirit enlivened need pushes through the barriers,
Alone no more, I am alive.

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