Blue Sparkling

Unexpected, yet delightful,
Blue flashes sparkling away,
In the hum drum of the classroom,
Listening to the the repetitive angst all day.

The echo from the wall,
Creates patterns by reflecting my voice,
Resounding with eeriness only to me,
The rest are aware but avoid by choice.

The energy wraps tightly around my body,
Reserving my wellness from those who are taking,
Blue sparkles flash brilliantly awakening my senses,
What am I doing? my purpose? focus on being!

A signal from Michael,the heavens above,
I’m in this right place to begin,
Trust and take the risk to step out,
Now is the time and space to rein-vision.

Care, wisdom, love and light,
Gifts that you offer to these brilliant lives,
Free and delightful, relish in each moment,
Fear not the unknown, this is your opportunity to thrive.


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Love Truth Light

To walk upon this Earth,
Hand in Hand together as one,
Love, Truth and Light at the centre
Encircling our hearts minds and souls,
Reaching deep within to our power,
Central to all that is to unfold,
Discovering the authentic self within,
Speaking up with insight and control.
Working not on fixing others,
Nor doubting and fixing the self,
Unearthing instead what is within,
Knowing the wisdom will manifest the rest,
And trusting the universe’s timing,
That all we see simply reflect what’s within,
The darkness and viciousness we so fear,
Shine the light and create the win.
We are called to debunk the lies of society,
That value conformity over everything else,
Embrace the different, the challenging the new,
Open eyes, hearts, ears and embrace,
For within every moment there is light and dark,
They spin but the energy of love remains strong,
There is peace within each point of time,
It is there to experience without measure.
Expand the horizon, do something different,
Say no to the expected and yes to the spirit,
Fly with your voice, nonsensical with rhythm,
Cry to the sky and fly on it’s strings.
There is no right and wrong, yet were are constricted with woe,
The truth of being thoughtful, discerning and measured,
Create not a climate of revenge and maltreatment,
Walk with the tools of Love Truth and Light.

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Inner Seasons

Inner Seasons

The time ticks on, loudly, within the soul,
Creating havoc, anxiety, restricting the flow,
Unwinding the feats that bear fruits to behold,
Untrusting, rampant with vicious thoughts, untold.

Yet the seasons keep cycling with endless precision,
From Summers to Autumns, Winters to Springs,
With each moment perfect within each transitioning,
The Heart ever morphing, no ending, no beginning.

Releasing the need to live the life of endless summers,
Accepting the cold quietness of the winters that come,
Sitting and resting, reflecting on cycling outcomes,
Manifesting the energetic future, expanding to become one.

The inner seasons, without thought, keep cycling through,
Resistance is pointless, embrace the soul’s rhythms, without ado,
Delight at their movement, dynamic and true,
Keep moving, lighten up and energetically do.IMG20180503131451.jpg

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The Lull

The Lull between waves,
stretches on for an eternity,
Sinking down low,
With no sense of certainty.

The patterns of old,
Shimmer brightly on the surface,
The darkness below,
Shadows ever circling.

Shifting its direction,
Seemingly standing still,
The currents below,
Moving forward at will

Floating and wondering,
Where does this end?
It is only the beginning,
There is much more to contend.

The next wave of life,
Is building out back,
The horizon disappears,
As it comes to a head.

To catch it or let pass?
The only question worth asking.
Feel the momentum within,
This is the opportunity.

Lighten the energy,
Catch the wave and fly,
Live your purpose, make a difference,
This is your time to thrive.

Too many waves have gone by,
In the heaviness of thought,
Responsibility was overwhelming,
Now’s your time, do not abort.

Write of your story,
Expand your life,
Create that which is worth living,
For yourself, no one else.

The lull has come to an end,
It is the time to ride beyond.

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Avicii – thank you

I write this the day that I learnt Avicii had faded into the darkness. My youngest son’s first words were to inform me that Avicii had died.  My eldest messaged me with the sad news.  Both of them showing empathy and awareness that this was important.

Avicii’s music was often played in our household,  on repeat,  especially during times of depression  and anxiety.  It lifted the spirits of us all,  with its upbeat tones and allowed us to connect into its deep meaningful lyrics.  Avicii ‘S music gave us a point of connection as a family as we all joined in belting out the tune.

I cannot imagine the pain of losing a loved one,  so young.  And I cannot imagine the journey his family has been on.  I feel sadness and sorrow and simply hold the space , listen to his music and give thanks for all that he offered us through his beautiful music.

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A letter to Australia

Dear Australia,

I believe you are caught up in the World Arms Dealing. My heart sinks to think that my country is aiding the fear mongering and destruction of so many lives. Whilst, we the people, point fingers and mock the lack of progress and the strength of the gun lobby in America, we ourselves are Arming the World with the guns and ammunition that destroy it.

I would prefer to live in a country that is poor financially and rich in moral fibre, peace and integrity. To contribute to the ongoing death, maiming and creation of fear is NOT OKAY. To the reject the refugees that are trying to escape the forces that we armed is NOT OKAY.

Please Australia take a long hard look at yourself and make the change before you point the finger. We CAN do more!

R Congues

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Change My Outlook

To lay on the floor and write for just me,
Such a beautiful rare gift,
I have not made the time to play,
Been sad, alone, lost in a drift.
Responsibility has taken over,
Not ever letting issues Go,
Overwhelmed, feeling frayed,
Disengage from this cycle, I must know.
Connected I stay,
But I work on Me
I change my Outlook,
My garden I cultivate.
When the BAD happens,
I review my stake,
I speak up as needed,
Yet I leave out the HATE.
Corruption and the greedy,
Undermine my health,
I will not give up on this,
Abundance of LOVE it’s my WEALTH.
Though disaster may threaten,
BRIGHT thoughts be my shield,
Focus on what is worth my ENERGY
I will not simply yield.
PEACE be my sword
Cut through all my BS,
Clear the path I must walk,
Purposeful creativity I trust.
Undo all perceived wrongs,
The guilt, shame and blame,
I now walk on this Earth,
With PEACE, and LOVE in my veins.
You are worth the effort,
This is a journey for the many,
You light the path your own way,
You can walk with GRACE and certainty.

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The Quiet

Music pumping,
People yelling,
Hands clapping,
Hips swinging,
Head nodding,
Skin sweating,
Breathe panting,
Chest heaving,
Energy swirling,
Ears ringing,
Light shining,
Eyes closing,
Hands twisting,
Inner being,
Quite internalising,
Silence engulfing,
Spirit calming,
Peace reigning. IMG20180303204318.jpg

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Good Friday Night.

The clouds lay down low,
Giving way to the rising moon,
Hovering on the horizon,
Content and gently resting.

The moon glows vibrantly,
In thine eye it pulsates intensly,
Near perfect in shape and form,
This moon uniquely radiating divinity.

Billowing forth an angel trumpets,
Heralding a path of great fortune,
Gliding above the moon so bright,
Dissipating into the cool.

Laughter echoes where once there was fear,
Vibrating through the chasms of space,
Silence of warmth and love gather now,
There is so much yet to come.

The cool night air reflects the darkness,
Rustling leaves through the trees,
Crickets chirping oneness in the standing still,
Heart open wide, intelligence thrumming.

Sparkling so bright, ever present,
Cosmic stars twinkle from above,
The planet, Earth, sighs deeply,
This mother is fuelled with Love.

Clouds drift as a river to the sea,
Shifting form on the whims of the breeze,
Thickening, thinning, cascading about,
Moving through this space with great ease.

Shadows move, as I swing back and forth,
A towel turban wraps my wet hair,
I look, but do not see, I am just me,
I have all the support that I need.

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More than I dream

Against the darkest backdrop,
Hidden in the deepest gloom,
Lies the continuous moving energy,
That releases the tireless doom.

Space flows on endlessly,
Nurturing all that it is we need,
Supported through out eternity,
We thrive without perceptual greed.

Bringing intelligence from the mind,
Restoring it to my whole being,
Allowing the pulsating energy,
To reignite the wisdom and knowing.

Acknowledging all the expansiveness,
Yet drawing back the energy leaking,
Witnessing this lifetimes journey,
Releasing all else with deep loving.

I am free to be supported in this lifetime,
To create more than I could ever dream,
All are welcome to journey beside me,
We can do this, we are truly free.

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