NoWhere and EveryWhere

Transversing this space,
She recognises the sign posts,
To trauma, To Joy,
To upheaval through a landmine,
Though she knows there are these ways…
She wants there to be a new path,
One to get lost in,
One to be found in at the same time.

This life of hers is wanting,
There’s something more to done,
Where are her achievements?
Hidden away in a drawer.
She withers into the background,
The smoke rising above,
A sigh of relief slips through her lips
She escapes the emotional floods.

Numbed through her bones,
She tries to break free,
The numbing once evicted,
Reasserts itself as a need.
She tumbles around,
Bouncing from one thing to the next,
Always centered on staying true
To her inner Goodness.

Wandering into a dimensional space,
Connecting with newly discovered Hearts,
She breathes with ferocity,
Finding Sacred Peace in the dark.
Whilst she feels she is NoWhere,
The truth she now knows,
Her existence is EveryWhere,
As she continues to grow.

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Self comfort

She held her own hand, 

Gently stroking with her thumb, 

Providing comfort through her fears, 

Being with her emotional self. 

Hidden behind her crossed legs, 

She felt guilt and uncomfortable, 

Nurturing an unspoken need, 

She quietly breathed and relaxed. 

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The Gift of Need

Need propels us beyond ourselves,
We reach with hands to another help,
Teaching the knowledge, skills and talents,
That opens our minds, bodies and hearts.

Need creates vulnerability to be,
More than what we ourselves perceive,
Risk and failure are on our every breath,
Need to live, avoiding death.
Connections are strengthened beyond the familiar,
Intangible intertwining of the energy of being,
Lightning the path of growth,
Loves expanding in the presence of hope.

Without need I am alone, without purpose,
Lolling about, depressed and uncertain,
With the spirit enlivened need pushes through the barriers,
Alone no more, I am alive.

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Energy High

When my Energy is High
The World becomes one
It’s easy to be with me
I feel as if I am one

The happiness cascades inwards
Flowing out to the surrounds
The air dances with dew drops
Splitting light into hope

Sounds reverberate deeply
Affirming and true
Opportunities are abounding
Step into the glory

Hands held together
Stepping forth
New beginnings
Sampling the bubble

Sneaking in are whispers
Nagging suspicions
This cannot be real

I feel the flowing
Ebbing and breathing
Cling not to this moment
Let go

Slip away
Come again
Slip away
Come again

This energy high is not elusive
It exists
It’s in me
Reach for it

Never alone
Always accessible
Work in the truth
Walk in the Truth

Love is the energy
The greatest high of all
The essence that runs through our beings
May Peace prevail in all


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Day is drawing to an end and it has been a good one!

You have achieved much and created the potentiality for great things,
It’s now just as simple as one step at a time.
There is a great diversity in the value and wealth of success and worth,
It is abundant for all, limited by the view-point and openness of each individual.

Continue offering your symbols to the land upon which you walk,
                Consecrate each step,
For it is the Earth that holds and supports you on a whim of graciousness.
Open your eyes, your ears, your nose, your heart,
                  Open all of your senses throughout all of your body,
                                      Enact the awareness of your being and your surrounds,
Drink the soup of the Universe one cell at a time and expand into the space that moves at the speed of light

Fear not the Black Holes that catapult you through time and space
Engage with the mysteries of each Alien Race
Feel not alone, make contact, engage,
For the beauty of life is no longer hidden away.

Up upon the stars without thought for the laws,
Are written the lives of all who ever exist
No tense, no now or then the stars know the truth
Love is the only true existence, Love is the hoop.

Jump through it,
            Jump into it,
                        Allow it to consume your whole Being.
Burst from the seams, beat with great ambition,
Love it is the hoop back to whence we came,
It’s the bubble or essence of who we really are.

Gratitude to all who welcome and express Love,
It’s the Being “Love” that truly makes the difference!
Fight for the greatest right, to Be Love,
              With the Greatest of Peace.
Unite in LOVE, connect and Be One, YOU ARE LOVE.

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Yellow light

The yellow light of the wanning day,
Dimming the energy, for the moon to have the way,
Yellow and bright, hidden in clouds from sight,
Illuminating your worth and the glimmers of your dreams.
Yellow light so courageous, filled with fear, yet still moving,
One simple shift at a time, unlocks and makes clear,
Barriers melt under the gentle warmth of your movement,
Held in the hands of the nurturing woman.
Crystallised with imperfections, we glint and radiantly glow,
Healing beyond the limitations we know,
Wrapped in this blanket so soft and tender,
No longer yearning, here in this moment linger.
Yellow light be blessed, open the pathway ahead,
Surround us in the wonder, each step by you we are lead,
Fingers so gentle knead the pain connecting fears,
Upon this Earth our spirit and soul will continue shifting gears.

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Cast me a spell
Transform my life
Take away the pain
Help me to fly
Limit my self belief
Keep me locked in a cage
Looking ever inwards
Fear is the game
Planting new seeds
Hope love and dancing
Rainbows of rain drops
Feeding the growth
Responding with ability
Fertilised with laughter
Open to unique learning
Recognising opportunity
Spellcaster do your work
Unhesitatingly breed hope
Release the last limitations
The fear in your soul
Grow upwards, fast and strong
Hold the worth of your doing
Simply be at one with all you are
Honour choices made.

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Wordless expansion

Words are the defining limits
Construing meaning and what we aught
Constraining and twisting evry thought
Loaded tone that insinuates
Painting such colourful visits
Evoking our sensuous past
Eye to eye we try to outlast
Exposing every desire
Wordlessly expanding like fire
Shackles are free to fly away
We go off with a seismic blast

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Tower of my construction 

When I am with you,  I am supported and loved
When you are absent, the floor falls out.
It’s not that I am reliant on you to meet my needs
It’s just that when you are here I feel completely freed. The tower of my own construction restrains my inner beast
I’ve given you the key, I could not resist
So each day I await for your return to this home
Then I can roam and never feel alone.

My inner Guardian speaks of taking back that which is mine
Feeling afraid that no longer this connection with you will shine
Reassured and lighting the way is the spectre of you
Your heart and mine completely melded without glue.

Thank you for freeing me, allowing my flights
Now I need to determine the when where and how of my own life
Thank you for supporting and not holding me back
For leaving your judgements without loving me less.

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Close to the Sun

Fly close to the Sun 
Continue as you begun
Let not those who judge
Create limitations from above

Intelligent and witty
Politically gritty
Awesomely aware
Finding great care

The limitations are their own
You are expanding, you’re grown
My inspiration, you fly
Wings spread so wide

Thank-you for simply being
Through the trauma you’re seeing
Let go and be at one
Fly close to the sun

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