Space For Love

I have begun a new Blog specifically to offer healing to the difficulties experienced in different parts of the world. Sending Light, Energy and Love to support the healing that is happening and the movement towards Peace. Feel free to peruse, follow, contribute or suggest a focus for the Healing to flow.

The inspiration behind this Blog is to create the Space for Love to flow into world events and situations that are filled with fear, anger, hate and horror. Each Blog will focus Love into a situation in the hope of bringing more calm and peaceful moments for all those Souls and beings of Light involved.

You are welcome to join in each Journey. The way of opening up oneself to travelling and connecting spiritually involves simple meditation. Create the quiet space and use a springboard (photo, words…) to imagine the space, then project the colors of Love, open your heart and allow the energy to flow outwards, keep yourself grounded in who you are, imagine a different possible, positive, peaceful outcome. Sit for a while in that space then release it to Mother Earth with compassion and integrity. Document for others the feelings of Love sent flowing, to plant the seeds of Peace far and wide.

May Peace Prevail on Earth