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The Dawning Day

High in the night sky, shimmering bright and carefree, Whispers the night air, filled with darkness and energy, looming into the light of the moon, echoes the shapeless forms, Performing their tasks, upon the scents of the air that moves. … Continue reading

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Giving UP on waiting!!!!

She waits in the shadows of her life for the right time To step step centre stage into her lime light She waits for her body to be perfect and thin For her words to be articulate, sassy and bright … Continue reading

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Walk this Land!

The time of the walk from Mountain to Mouth Came with the gifts of beauty and light I missed the beginning, joining in the next day With the people, exhausted and worn out in the fray. The whisper of morning … Continue reading

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Home Now

The other evening I attended an Art Therapy class with our local wellness group. By scanning through text from several pages of different books we compiled a series of words, phrases that were put together to create and illustrate a … Continue reading

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Creating expressions of the Soul<3

Creating expressions of the Soul………… I am a visual person who loves color, beauty, sparkles and the random whimsical characteristics of nature. When I reflect upon myself and my life I create pictures and feel inspired to create that which … Continue reading

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Exploring Gallery Art

Hubby and I ventured off to the local Geelong gallery to view the Land of the Golden Fleece  exhibition. Arthur Streeton was an impressionist artist in the 1920’s and captured the feel of the places, the times and the potential upheavals threatening this … Continue reading

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Artistic Expression reveals the Inner Being

Troubled and looking for hope, Seeking Solace in the quiet, Yet surrounded by noise. Looking to the light, Feeling the way is insurmountable, Trusting the Path, Trusting the Divine.   Finding the beauty, one stroke at a time, Being gentle … Continue reading

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Read it all the way through

The words are not my own, they are inspired as are you. I am an explorer on a journey of expressing my truth, Through poetry, painting, talking sticks, mandalas and Reiki! Thank-you for reading  and taking all you that need. Read it … Continue reading

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Art Transformations…

Art is Life Art expresses the moments we experience. It explodes on the canvas before us. Unwittingly it reflects the inner most workings of our lives. What it shows is open to interpretation, and that is a journey within itself. … Continue reading

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An Opinion Peace!

“An Opinion is exactly what it says; it’s an opinion, a thought process of an individual, having no power over another” – Jenny Funston Phew what a relief! Opinions matter but they are simply the expression of a thought process … Continue reading

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