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Light of the new moon

By the light of the new moon, With great endeavour, The seeds that were planted, Break through their zone, The time of dormancy, Expired and now renewed, Sending out the strength of a seedling, Unfurling leaves of Peace. Energised the … Continue reading

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Wounded Child: no more

The energy spikes from your back, Pricking the air, The wounded child resorts to.. Undermining all there, Cowering in fear, Rejected by their own thoughts, They wallow in what could of been, When they could be right here. The wounded … Continue reading

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A Call to Change

A Call to Change the lives of our children, Packaged of each day to an educational illusion, Where measurement decrees the value of their worth, Not accounting for their experiences, their talents from birth. Pressurised they rebel, From the expectations … Continue reading

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Love Truth Light

To walk upon this Earth, Hand in Hand together as one, Love, Truth and Light at the centre Encircling our hearts minds and souls, Reaching deep within to our power, Central to all that is to unfold, Discovering the authentic … Continue reading

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Firsts! OMG I’m over it!

I read about the delight, People exclaim how wonderful! That a woman be nominated… To run for president. How sad! my heart screams!!!! That we are still so archaic… That women still have to break a ceiling, That the men … Continue reading

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