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The light in silence

Emptiness rides the wave of business, Waiting impatiently for the time of silence, The space in which to bundle drop, Freeing shoulders of the worry weight. Shuffling forward, Avoiding the empty feeling, Busying self with yet another job, Phone in … Continue reading

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Overhead they appear, Circling ever near, Gliding with invisible strings, Ultimately they too disappear. Drawn to the waters edge, Glistening in the morning light, Greeting the sun’s ever present rays, Visiting us once again. Waterbirds reminding us to write, To … Continue reading

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Yellow light

The yellow light of the wanning day, Dimming the energy, for the moon to have the way, Yellow and bright, hidden in clouds from sight, Illuminating your worth and the glimmers of your dreams. Yellow light so courageous, filled with … Continue reading

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Even when…

Even when… The light dims and everything seems dark The color drains from pieces of art The fur on your teeth seems to grow The coldness seeps through to your very bones Even when… The wifi seems to falter and … Continue reading

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