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Bottom falls out

When the bottom falls out of your life When you realise the people you Love See things differently, think different thoughts When the knowledge that you think you knew Makes no sense as is distinctly a skew When the hopes … Continue reading

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Gardening Time Again…

Gardening is about planting, watering, feeding, nurturing, weeding, mulching, protecting, creating space, guiding, training, loving and connecting. Living is about all of these things too! Seeds come in many shapes, sizes, designs…and they all grow into unique, individual plants with … Continue reading

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River Camp

The river flows green filled with blue-green algae The benefit of low water and warm weather Fertilizer and farming run off. Easter came and went more quietly than ever Visitors kept away for fear of toxic water A family of … Continue reading

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“Sorry” I was breathing!

Saying “Sorry” what does it mean? It could mean: I’m not good enough I haven’t met the expectations of you or me I want to protect myself from your criticism and my own I know others can do it better… … Continue reading

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Exploring Gallery Art

Hubby and I ventured off to the local Geelong gallery to view the Land of the Golden Fleece  exhibition. Arthur Streeton was an impressionist artist in the 1920’s and captured the feel of the places, the times and the potential upheavals threatening this … Continue reading

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Relaxation: cutting through “Fear”

PHYSIOLOGY OF FEAR The physiology of Fear is well documented*. Medical fields now understand how much the “Fear” factor effects your health. Increases cortisol, prolactin and growth hormone Increase pulse, blood pressure, and affect other physiological responses. Blood vessels traveling … Continue reading

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Quote cHallenge Day 3 – Sleep

My fellow blogger DKSmith Photography challenged me to participate in a quote challenge. I accepted the challenge. I try to post one of my photographs each day with a message that will make all who read seize the day! (Carpe’ Deim) The … Continue reading

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Day 6 Hawaii: Air, Land and Sea

Sunday 20th July 2014 The Cock crowed at 5 am, so I woke up. (No rest for the wicked!) So I must be very wicked indeed! There was no evidence of storm damage and the sun was beginning to rise … Continue reading

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How do you change a world

How do you change a World… When you Mother told you always to say “Yes” to a Man! When your brother had preference over everything When being pretty was the ultimate goal When you avoided being felt up in the … Continue reading

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Dreaming of safely being a Woman!

I watched the News this morning and was horrified to learn yet again that Women had been Objectified and used to satisfy the “male” sexual lust on a large scale. This is not the first time, yet I sincerely hope … Continue reading

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