The Gift of Energy

Energy is what we are made of. It takes on so many different forms that it makes sense that Energy shapes our lives. Whether it is the food we eat, colours we wear, the music we dance to, the sun which warms and creates good happy feelings or the embrace of the one we Love. Energy really is everywhere.

Our senses (sight, smell, hearing, taste, touch) relate changes in Energy to our Brain which tries to make sense of them and react in appropriate ways for our survival. Our brain is where we create the focus for our internal energy. When we experience energy in a way that has negative meaning for us then we begin to focus on the negative and our energy can spiral down. When we experience energy and create a positive meaning we begin to fly and Love life. The key is the meaning we place on the changes in Energy.

This is why Meditation, Mindfulness, Yoga, Colouring-in, Mandalas, Reiki etc are so powerful. They all create a distance between changes in energy and their meaning. We are encouraged to watch the thoughts drift by without engaging in them in all these activities. It gives our brain a rest from trying to decipher whether something is positive or negative and instead simply be in the present moment. This in turn allows us to utilise our brain and focus on the beautiful energy within. To allow the exterior to ebb and flow as we continue to develop intrinsically aware.

When we can acknowledge the Energy within us we are able to begin working explicitly with it. Changing the path of our lives. This gift of Energy and our awareness of it lifts us out of a victim state into an empowered state. The magic of smiling at someone and seeing their face completely change as they return that smile is an example how a small amount of energy gifted from you can transform the experience of another. I often get fantastic responses from people, but sometimes they are not willing to receive. Yet I still have the greatest of pleasures of simply offering.

I am hoping that some of the blogs you read will open up the possibilities for you and empower you to Live your life with greater awareness.