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A Call to Change

A Call to Change the lives of our children, Packaged of each day to an educational illusion, Where measurement decrees the value of their worth, Not accounting for their experiences, their talents from birth. Pressurised they rebel, From the expectations … Continue reading

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You think you’re so right

You think You’re so Right, That everything needs to be your way, Anything different, Is the wrong way. Music is wrong, If it’s not your style, Food needs to be ordinary, To sustain the righteous. Fixation on bringing others, Into … Continue reading

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Living the After Life

What if we are, more than Unique? Every Atom within, from times gone past, Vibrating lives, long gone, animal or plant, An ever cycling rebirth, of atoms and resource. From the Earth to the water, inanimate and strong, Flowing upwards … Continue reading

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Forged Path

The Path is forged ahead of me. It is mine alone to follow. I know not where it is heading to, Over hills and through the hallows. There is confusion in my head As to what I am meant to … Continue reading

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A Prayer of Thanks

A PRAYER OF THANKS Thank-you for gently unfurling this life-plan that has allowed me to experience the joys of amazing relationships. Family and friends who care and support each experience in my life. Thank-you for the challenging times where I … Continue reading

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